About Us

iccommodate is owned and managed by Marisa Salvarto. Marisa is an interesting combination of Portuguese and Italian, born and raised in Cape Town. (Basically she is a passionate fire ball who loves a good social!)

Marisa started in the tourism industry in 2008 after living in London for 8 years. Since 2008 she worked her way from being a consultant to becoming a Tourism Sales Manager and was blessed enough to be exposed to innovative, dynamic and forward thinking people who inspired her and allowed her to grow in her own way.

In her days of employment Marisa managed and delivered on the housing and tourism for events such as the International Astronautical Congress 2011 (3000 delegates), the International Association of Cross Cultural Psychology 2012 (600 delegates), the International Congress of Psychology 2012 (4500 delegates) and the World SoyBean Research Conference 2013 (500 delegates). These events gave Marisa insight into the requirements from both the organisers and the customers and experience money can’t buy!

Marisa is passionate about her commitment to delivering for her clients and is very hands on when it comes to the day-to-day running of her business. She is fortunate enough to have her “IT Guru” partner in crime Kyle Wills onboard with her. With Kyle handling all the technology and Marisa handling the sales and operations iccommodate will no doubt grow from strength to strength!