For the event organiser:

A very common gripe we come across with organisers is the huge amount of work and time that goes into managing accommodation for customers, especially just prior to the event - Managing rooming lists, chasing payments, trying to manage last minute dates changes from customers… the list goes on.

All these things take away from the organiser’s focus on their most important task – delivering a successful event for their client.

This is where we come in!

Working with the relevant guidelines or preferences from our client, iccommodate will handle all allocation contracting with suppliers - manage all sales, releases, cancellations, changes and payments for the inventory. We manage all rooming lists, working closely with the suppliers and make sure that all customers have all their confirmations in time.

We work with your customers as individuals from start to finish to make sure they have the accommodation best suited to them.

For the event customer:

As useful as it is to get the contact information of recommended hotels from the event website, the process itself is self-service and we believe that because of this, customers are lost to the usual online booking websites out there.

Our technology enables customers to choose, book and pay for their accommodation straight from the Conference website. If they have any questions, would like to discuss recommendation or even would like options that are on the official list the consultants are able to assist.

The process is quick, easy and convenient.