For the organiser:

Event and conference organisers often leave tourism out of their offering to their customers because it requires specialized staff to consult customers.

Having iccommodate handling your event tourism means that as with the accommodation, your customers are able to choose from the wide range of day, pre and post tours and pay immediately on the event website. Our experienced and skilled consultants are on standby for any questions or guidance the customers may need and, conveniently for the customer, they are able to tailor-make full itineraries to meet all travel requirements.

Although Tourism is on offer for months prior to an event we have found that customers mostly book this part of their trip very last minute or even only during the event. iccommodate will have a tourism desk onsite to assist customers with tours they would like to go on. We have found that in the past the tourism is both appreciated and very popular.

For the customer:

iccommodate offer customers a wide range of scheduled tours as well as an option for private tours. Again, the convenience of booking everything under one roof has proven to be important. Consultants are on hand every step of the way to assist customers in making the best possible choice.

iccommodate only work with very established, experienced and professional tour operators. This is absolutely crucial in the customer experience, which is a priority for us.