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Circulator pumps (also know as circulation pumps, circulating pumps, recirculating pumps and recirculation pump) circulate fluid in a closed circuit and since the fluid always flows back to the pump, most of the effort is used when it expends pushing water upward. Circulator pumps are commonly used in circulate water in a hydronic heating or cooling system.

All Pumps have created the Kwikflo range of hot or cold water circulators which comprise Javelin circulator pumps.

Kwikflo Hot/Cold Water Circulators

Kwikflo hot/cold water circulators can be used in a range of applications including domestic and commercial buildings to save water and time, cooling & heating of machinery and other processes.

Systems can be designed as a single or multiple pump unit depending on the demand and how critical the application is. Systems can be a fixed speed or variable speed drive & can be controlled by a thermostat or timer controllers.

High Rise Buildings
High Rise Buildings


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Supplied with suction & discharge isolation and check valves and stainless steel manifolds these systems are a user friendly "complete packaged pump solution" saving time and money.

Circulator pumps, consisting of a control panel and pumps mounted on a vertical steel frame, are designed to circulate water from a storage tank, through a ring-main system and back to the storage tank for re-heating.


Pumps constructed from non corrosive material
Single or dual unit
24 hour timer or temperature control

Large commercial premises
High rise buildings

Kwikflo Dual Horizontal Multistage Circulator System

Kwikflo Dual Horizontal Multistage Circulator System


Kwikflo Dual Horizontal Multistage Circulator System Dimensions

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