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Stormwater Pumps See all Applications

stormwater pumps

Stormwater pumps are typically submersible pumps used for pumping storm water. Stormwater is first collected in pits, detention or retention tanks from run-off on driveways and car parks and then either pumped into the stormwater system or to be treated.

The types of pumps used for stormwater applications include closed impeller or vortex impeller pumps. Submersible stormwater pumps are usually powered by electricity but can also be powered by compressed air, or hydraulic driven diesel motors. Depending on the application they can either be low flow, high flow, low head (pressure) or high head. All Pumps supply stormwater pumps from a single automatic pump up to a full packaged kit including single, dual or triple pump control panels, check valves and float switches. Major brands of stormwater pumps include Kwikflo, Sabre and ABS.

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