Steam boilers evaporate liquid water into steam which leaves behind undesired impurities. These impurities are removed by a blow-down operation to ensure the efficiency of the boilers.

ebara centrifugal pump blowdown tank skid

Steam boilers evaporate liquid water to form steam, which will then be used in various applications. However, impurities are left behind after the liquid has been turned into steam. These impurities are undesired as they lead to poor heat transfer and reduce the efficiency of the boiler.

These impurities are removed by a blow-down operation and are critical to the operation of many factories.

We supplied a 300 litres blow-down tank coupled with a Ebara centrifugal pump to a local industrial customer.

The Ebara centrifugal pump is able to pump 3000 Litres per Hour (LPH) @ 10 metres head. 1 of the key advantages of Ebara pumps is that all of its wetted components are manufactured in 304 stainless steel.

Completed with control panel and level probe, the turnkey system was supplied on a galvanised skid with forklift pockets for easy transportation.

Found in 1912, Ebara offers a wide range of centrifugal & submersible pumps. They are versatile and durable, well suited for many applications including building services, commerical, domestic, municipal, rural and industrial.