Needing a reliable and long lasting solution to deal with their industrial and sewage waste, the client reached out to All-Pumps for a self-priming centrifugal pump.

powerplant self-priming centrifugal pump banner

The Problem

A power plant had an existing centrifugal close-coupled pump to pump effluent water from an underground storage tank. A foot valve in the suction pipe (inside the tank) helped the pump to prime. However, there were constant issues with the foot valve resulting in problems priming the pump. This also caused the pump to cavitate and hence the required duty was not achievable by the pump, decreasing the overall performance of the system.

tools for pump testing at all-pumps silverwaterTesting pump capability at All Pump’s Silverwater workshop

Our Solution

The client approached All-Pumps to find an alternative solution, seeing as the pump had to be on the surface. In addition to this, since the pump had to be in an open environment, the client also requested that the control panel for the pump be built in stainless steel with a rain hood, an emergency stop button, and a visible break isolator.

All Pumps built a pump skid using Hydroprime HP50-160 self-priming centrifugal pump with solids handling capabilities coupled to an IP66 motor through a belt drive. A stainless steel control panel was also designed and built as per the client’s requirements with rain hood top, an outside panel emergency stop button, and a visible break isolator inside the control panel escutcheon door. The pump system was tested to AS2417-2001 as per the duty point requested by the client and then dispatched.

installation of hydroprime self-priming centrifugal pumpBuilt to client specification!

Project Highlights – Self-Priming Centrifugal Pump

  • The pump comes with a control panel, for the client’s ease of use; meaning they can control the various aspects of the pump to fit their needs.
  • It’s heavy duty construction and easy-to-service design; is built to last.
  • Fully built system, with a relatively quick delivery and installation time.
  • Quick installation.



About Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps:

These are a type of centrifugal pump that use an air-water mixture to reach a fully-primed pumping condition. It is used in many applications including sewage, construction dewatering and flood control.
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